2019/1/15  Will not it seem strange from your opponent?

To be honest, there are things that seem strange.
I think that the concept of service is still new, and there is sense of discomfort due to so-called artificial sound.

As a countermeasure to that, PAN conducts public relations activities and quality improvement on a daily basis and plays the following automatic voice at the beginning of the phone.
"This is text-to-speech service provider PAN. You have a phone call from a hearing-impaired customer or a customer who has difficulty communicating in Japanese.
Please listen to the customer's message in full before responding and speak more slowly than usual in short sentences. "
※ toll free during automatic voice play

In addition to the above, you will be in a more user-friendly state by doing a communication that adds confidence to the other party, such as having you name yourself first in addition to yourself.